The DJ List
A Project

UX/UI, Front-End

About the Project

We were thrilled to be approached by our partners at Toi to collaborate on The DJ List, a website that puts the club in your pocket, all the time. Together we completely overhauled brand identity and UX/UI design across devices to make it better than ever.

Consistency across devices

Since it's important to make sure to know what's going on, no matter which device you're using, we used a mobile-first approach on simplifying the experience, while also making it more immersive.


Onboarding Process

We created a 3-step onboarding process, which enables personalization yet allows the user to go through it swiftly.

01Where are you living?


02Choose genres


03Follow your favorite DJs

pinEvent Details

iPhone App

We revamped the web platform, but we also overhauled the iOS App making it slicker than ever.


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