Red Bull Records
A Project

UX/UI, Website Development

About the Project

Red Bull Records is Red Bull's independent record label. Their diverse roster includes artists like AWOLNATION, Beartooth, Five Knives, Itch, New Beat Fund and Twin Atlantic. We worked on User Experience, User Interface, Front-End and Back-End Development. Another exciting and successful project in collaboration with our partners at Toi.


Not your typical record label

Their artist roster and general attitude shows that Red Bull Records isn’t a conventional record label, therefore a conventional website wouldn’t be enough. This is not the first site in Red Bull’s network to follow this path, other ones (most notably Red Bull Music Academy) have pretty cool and unique designs. There were high expectations to meet!

UX Research

While creating these wireframes, we made good use of our User Experience research. We created some Proto-personas (our team’s educated guess of who we should be designing for) to more easily identify all the possible user types and cover every use case in the site.


An unconventional Layout

One of our main goals was to serve artist and label content in a new, engaging way. We had to think outside of the box for this and that is exactly what we did. While most website layouts rely on rectangular "boxes" to contain bits of information, we explored the unconventional use of triangles.



With some additional front-end development, we were able to repeat these triangular boundaries, achieving a sense of stacking and order that is highly unique to Red Bull Records.


There were numerous iterations of wireframes for the most complex pages across desktop and mobile.


Visual Design

We worked with Red Bull Records and the stakeholders for the larger Red Bull brand to keep essential elements of the widely recognized style guide intact, while evolving it specifically for the record label's web experience and UI.







We used Neuzeit Grotesk as the only font since it’s versatile, it looks great and while it’s very similar to Futura (used in Red Bull’s logo, slightly modified), it works much better for body text.

UI Animation

We created some cool animations for different interactions on the site.


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