Samsung Dev Conference

UX/UI, Website Development

About the Project

The Samsung Developer Conference provides exclusive access to Samsung products and the latest dev tools. We worked on UX/UI Design and Website Development with LateralView, for AgencyEA.

User Experience

We used the information compiled in our analyses to create an innovative and concise layout that would be engaging for users.

UX Research

Enhanced Content Strategy

We analyzed the event's previous site to identify issues regarding navigation structure and information architecture. A benchmark analysis was also carried out to understand how we needed to communicate with our target audience.

Scalability in three stages

Due to the fact that the event had three stages (pre conference, onsite and post conference) we had to had to create a scalable web with components and sections that could appear and disappear when needed.

Fits all screens

We carefully designed all the breakpoints in advance, so as to ensure the responsive site, animations and other elements worked perfectly both on mobile and tablet. The resolution had to be on point in order to be seen perfectly in all devices.


User Interface

Samsung is a consolidated brand and we needed to follow their brand guidelines while working on the design. There was also additional design direction based on other aspects of the conference that were being developed by AgencyEA, simultaneously.





UI Elements

The UI needed to be clean and concise. Not only did we have to represent Samsung's style properly, but also add a certain uniqueness and authenticity to entice attendees to sign up and navigate the site.





Final Version

Thanks to a joint effort carried out by the teams in Korea, US, Spain and Argentina we were able to carry out an extensive QA process. This ensured that all the different versions of the site represented the design flawlessly.

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