Minimalist branding for authority in the payroll sphere

  • Salsa
  • San Francisco, USA
  • 2023
  • Diseño UX/UI
  • Desarrollo Web

El proyecto

We worked with Salsa to refresh and expand their brand, as well as create a new, more complete website that spoke to all the potential companies that could benefit from their technology.

Gone are the old days of clunky payroll. Salsa is a software company that allows SaaS, workforce management, and staffing platforms to quickly and easily embed a customized payroll product.

They’re overhauling the old, burdensome methods of payroll to help these platforms provide a more complete service to their customers and grow their revenue.

El desafío

How can we refresh Salsa’s brand to inspire trust in users and position them as an authority in the payroll space?

Salsa has their offering locked down and an expert team to back it up: Professionals with over 100 years of combined experience who have already built world-class payroll products. This is why they knew that in order to establish their new company in the payroll space, they needed a clean, modern, innovative brand that would generate trust in potential customers and help them stand out from other providers, many of which don’t offer all the benefits and features that Salsa does.

The team had the building blocks of a great brand–A basis of a logo and a vision for their extended branding. The challenge was creating a single, cohesive identity from the two main characteristics of Salsa’s personality: Professionalism and innovation. Most importantly, the Salsa team wanted to keep it minimal to express that their product is super easy to integrate, unlike many former payroll products.

La solución

Building a modern, minimalist brand that reflects Salsa’s innovation and professionalism simultaneously.

By following our tried-and-true branding process, we were able to nail down exactly the visual elements that would reflect Salsa accurately.

1. Brand Narrative Workshop
In our custom, brand-sprint-brand-story hybrid workshop, we defined Salsa’s personality, particularly in the personality slider activity. The team defined their brand as serious, authoritative, and reserved, while also young and innovative. While this may seem like an oxymoron, it actually reflects Salsa’s offering perfectly: A groundbreaking product backed by a team that means business.

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