Consolidating LymeMIND's brand and developing a dynamic website

LymeMIND at Icahn School of Medicine in Mount SinaiNew York, USA2020
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The project

The LymeMIND team needed to rethink their website to enable novel scientific research and provide a consistent experience for their annual medical conference. They hoped to reframe Lyme disease as an important area, worthy of research and investment. We proposed a content-first approach that included brand messaging guidelines, as well as a complete visual rebranding. The design and development process was done simultaneously to ensure a dynamic site that took into consideration content updates.

The challenge

How can we create a website that appeals to multiple audiences while effectively managing content?

LymeMIND operates from within the Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai. It's a multi-scale integrated network of Lyme disease that represents a unified predictive model of said disease.

The design process to create the previous brand and the site wasn't optimal and they were having a hard time updating the site and clearly communicating the different stages of their annual conference.

Internally, they had an entire team working on groundbreaking projects and tools related to Lyme disease, yet none of that was featured in their site. Additionally, they were part of a consortium of major players within Lyme disease research, which wasn't showcased on the site either.

All of this led to outdated information and a disconnect between the different actors within the Lyme disease community, limiting the great impact they could have within the field.

“People ought to be able to find truthful information about Lyme, Lyme research and treatment.”

Jason Bobe

MSc, Co-Principal Investigator

The solution

A dynamic self-administered site that makes it easy for both scientists and patients to know exactly what's going on in the LymeMIND community.

We kicked off the project with a Lightning Decision Jam, a workshops that helped us identify what worked and what didn't in their current site. It also allowed us to align the team's priorities and think of potential solutions so that the process fit their specific needs.

Next, we carried out a Brand Story workshop to help them understand who they're talking to, what problems they're dealing with and what we aim to achieve. Using those insights as a basis, we started a rebranding process and also began to generate brand copy guidelines. We knew that a content-first approach to the design meant the final product would be much more cohesive.

Lastly, we consolidated the final sitemap and moved full speed ahead with the website design. We made sure that the designs being produced were well thought out in terms of content management and functionality. For the Development process, we knew that we’d need to build something blazing fast but at the same time manageable, so the client could edit, remove or add new content at will. That’s why we worked with our partners at Liteboxand usedGatsby JS, a React Framework that allowed us to create a static website (fast) detached from a Content Management System (CMS).

The results

A cohesive brand and a beautiful site that connected with LymeMIND's target audiences.

LymeMIND connects all of the different people taking part in the quest to find a cure for Lyme disease — and now their site reflects the massive impact they're having on the field of Lyme disease research. It allows them not only to show what's going on, but also to finally connect everyone to ultimately generate an even greater impact and keep searching for new treatment and possibly a cure.

We helped the LymeMIND team get clear on their end goal from the start, so that we could use a content-first approach and create a site design that considered their different audiences and their need to easily manage their own content.

“First of all, the website looks wonderful. It has a clean look with great detail. Everyone was impressed. ”

Kathleen Stecher

BS, Project Manager of the LymeMIND Conference 2020

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