A makeover for Alternativa Humus, a company dedicated to caring for the environment



A makeover for Alternativa Humus, a company dedicated to caring for the environment

The Project

In June of 2021 we launched our first ever open call for projects, which we called “Identidad para el cambio” (Identity for change). We decided to dedicate this project to environmental awareness, as we had been brainstorming ways to get Indi involved in the issues we care about most as a team.

Thus, the contest was open to any Argentinian company, initiative, or project associated with caring for the environment. The winner would receive an express branding process, which included a Brand Narrative Workshop and personalized design service. The idea was that these services would be adjusted to the concrete needs of the project and elevate everything related to their visual identity.

In all, 62 projects from all different places around Argentina participated. The winning initiative was Alternativa Humus, a company whose purpose is to raise awareness about and offer solutions for issues associated with organic waste management.

And so we launched an express branding process for Alternativa Humus, in order to help them refine their visual identity, communicate their value proposition more clearly, and attract more clients interested in improving their waste management.

The Challenge

How can we make it so that more people and companies turn to Alternativa Humus to manage their organic waste without harming the environment?

Alternativa Humus is an initiative that seeks to minimize the environmental impact of organic waste. The company stands out not only due to their expert knowledge, but also because they provide personalized solutions, teach workshops, and guide their clients throughout the composting process. Their services target both individuals and companies that generate medium and large volumes of waste, so they cover a broad market.

While many potential customers may want to recycle their waste, they may not know how to do it or where to start. That’s where Alternativa Humus comes in, and where Indi can help with our expertise in written and visual communication.

As they explained to us, Alternativa Humus wanted to present themselves as a company who is accessible to the public but, at the same time, is an example to follow in the composting and waste treatment industry. Their commitment needed to be evident from the start, and their visual and written content needed to make an impact. It was with that in mind that we set out to attract the attention of a wider audience, so that they could learn more on the topic and be convinced to work with Alternativa Humus.

The Solution

A brand refresh and social media transformation that highlights Alternativa Humus’s value proposition: Adapting to their clients and providing personalized guidance

From the beginning, we could tell that Alternativa Humus had great potential in promoting care for the environment at the community-level—Something we desperately need as we plunge deeper into the climate crisis. Because of this, their work deserved to reach a larger audience with efficiency, clarity, and authority. This was the idea that led us to carry out a total brand refresh, while at the same time boosting their social media presence. In order to do so, we used the following tools:

1. Brand Narrative Workshop

This meeting helped us get to know Alternativa Humus better, define their brand’s personality, and understand what sets them apart from their competitors. The workshop also put us in the clients’ shoes, so we could better understand their needs and how Alternativa Humus guides them to solutions. This way, they could communicate better to potential clients. The Brand Narrative Workshop was the jumping-off point for designing the brand’s visual identity and generating copy.

2. Visual branding

Based on the workshop, we came to the conclusion that Alternativa Humus needed to look more professional, without being too cold or serious. We wanted to transmit the idea that the company was friendly and made up of real people, but still maintain an air of authority and seriousness. With this in mind, our designer decided on a clear typography that facilitates understanding, a palette with colors associated with concepts, and an understated logo that allows the brand to be recognized at a glance.

We feel fortunate to be part of the change that Zoé wants to create. We want to provide her with not only a new aesthetic, but more than anything a new conceptual foundation that can take her initiative to the next level, reaching the most people possible.

Gini Lustig - Operations Manager at Indicius

The Results

A friendly, professional visual identity, with designs that communicate clearly and accessibly to their audience

After this journey, Alternativa Humus has the tools they need to take their company to the next level. Their visual identity now represents their commitment to their cause, while their written content clearly highlights all the key information clients need. After the Brand Narrative Workshop, we delivered a “Compost Bin Use Manual,” which presents this information simply and using the new brand identity. In addition, we provided them with the new visual elements we created, a brand guide, and a document with suggestions on how to improve communication on their website and social networks.

Alternativa Humus promotes practices that help protect the environment and combat climate change. Without a doubt, their company is vital for our future. After working with Indi, they’ll be able to showcase this important work to the public and expand their community of people who are creating positive change.

The experience with Indicius was wonderful—We felt accompanied and listened to throughout the process, which is what I value the most. They were able to understand what the brand needed and offer us beautiful options that were in line with what we needed.

Zoé Palmés - Alternativa Humus