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Heard of the Brand Sprint? Well, now we’re bringing you a shiny new online co-creation workshop that will solidify your brand identity and the story you want to tell your customers: The Brand Narrative Workshop.

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The Brand Narrative is a co-creation workshop that helps you defineyour brand's voice, personality, and story in just 3 hours.

It's a hybrid workshop that takes activities from the Brand Sprint workshop and Brand Story workshop and combines them to give a holistic picture of your brand. We also help you take a walk in your customers' shoes to understand what they really need and how you help them achieve success.

We start with a pre-workshop questionnaire, which sets the foundation for our conversations. Then, we work together on a Miro board for the 3 hours of the workshop, filling in any holes in the information, elaborating on important details, and voting on solutions wherever necessary.

What do you get out of a Brand Narrative Workshop?

A comprehensive report

A comprehensive report that summarizes the outcomes of each activity we completed during the workshop, including:

  • ✔️ Top 3 brand values
  • ✔️ Short statements that define: why your brand exists, how you do what you do, and what exactly it is that you do for your clients
  • ✔️ A diagram with your brand's personality put on different spectrums
  • ✔️ A visualized brand positioning in relation to your competitors
  • ✔️ The hero of your brand story, along with the problems they face
  • ✔️ Empathy and authority building statements
  • ✔️ A clear plan for your ideal client's (or hero's) success
  • ✔️ Direct and transitional CTAs
  • ✔️ Descriptions of success, failure, and transformation of your ideal client
  • ✔️ A one-line, concise expression of your core brand story

What do you get out of a Brand Narrative Workshop?

A 10-15 page Brand Messaging Guide

A 10-15 page Brand Messaging Guide if you choose to also do an extended branding or copy process. This can form the basis for the brand's voice and tone, messaging for different audiences, grammar and mechanics, VoC research, and language specific to the brand.

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