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The challenge

How can we create a digital bank that transforms the culture of cash, facilitates transactions, and offers greater financial autonomy for Paraguayans?

Our client came to us with a goal much larger and far-reaching than just creating an app: Facilitating financial autonomy for all Paraguayans.

As our client explained to us from the beginning, in Paraguay as in many countries around the world, cash is king in transactions and traditional, brick and mortar banks are the big dogs of the financial world. There are a wealth of frustrating effects of this: Standing in long lines outside the bank to transfer money, hours on hold with customer service, and no way to keep track of finances without going to a physical ATM.

The founder of Kapital sought to change that. Wanting to capitalize on Paraguay’s especially large population of young people, who are tech-savvy by nature and recently entering the world of financial independence (banking world?), he came to us with the brilliant idea for an online platform that both facilitates banking and provides financial literacy. All while being backed by a well-known National bank to provide a sense of security.

With Kapital, you can skip the long lines and learn to grow your money. Sounds great, right? But we know humans are creatures of habit. So our question was: How can we convince people to leave their old bank behind and swap their cash for a sleek Kapital debit card?

“There’s no comparable solution in the market right now. I’d like Kapital to become a reality, and if it doesn’t make it to the market I would hope that there will be other initiatives that fulfill this need.”

Alfredo Vargas

User Tester

The solution

Building a brand and marketing website that presents Kapital’s value proposition as a pioneer digital bank and its commitment to transparency, efficiency, and financial autonomy

Each client has their distinct dreams, needs, and desires--which means we must create a unique, tailored approach for each one. Here’s what we did with our client to help Kapital hit the ground running:

1. Brand Narrative Workshop

A well-defined brand is the foundation for a strong, successful company. We started with this workshop--which combines elements of a traditional Brand Sprint and a Brand Story Workshop--to get a feel for our client’s vision for the company, define its values, and better understand what problems they wanted to solve for his prospective users. This essential step made sure that going forward, all the visual and written content for Kapital was aligned with the brand.

2. Visual Branding

The next step was creating a visual identity for Kapital. This is where the decisions made during the Brand Narrative Workshop began to come into play--Specifically, the desire for Kapital to come across as friendly, playful, and innovative to appeal to the young audience we had defined for it. This is what led our designer to create the fresh, eye-catching color combination of mint and purple and the fun, dynamic logo that represents Kapital today.

3. Design Sprint

The crowning achievement of our work with Kapital was the design sprint, which spanned over 2 weeks between an opening 5-day sprint and iteration sprint. We began the sprint with a key question: Is Kapital’s value proposition strong enough to convince people to switch from their traditional banks?

To test our question with real potential users, we created an Instagram ad that linked to a marketing site, which allowed users to read about Kapital and sign up for a “waitlist” until the app officially launches. While many users were eager to see the actual platform, they were pleased to see that they’d receive exclusive benefits for being a pioneering member. By the end of the sprint, every tester had told us they would be disappointed if the first 100% digital bank in Paraguay didn’t come to life.

The results

Beautiful visual branding and solid brand messaging, applied to a marketing site validated by real potential users and a sprint report that will sell

Kapital now has the building blocks to grow their business. Not only do they have a unique, stand-out visual identity and a marketing site to attract potential users, but they also have the tools to make a solid business pitch to the bank that will back Kapital, as well as other potential partners. After the design sprint we provided our client with a full report that included the main conclusions and best quotes from our user tests, which they can use in sales pitches that are sure to convince and convert.

As our client said: Kapital isn’t just an app--It’s a paradigm shift. It’s rethinking banking to prioritize users. It’s leaving the cash at home and never standing in line at the bank again. It’s using your money how you want, when you want. It’s a bank for the digital world. By partnering with us at Indi, Kapital can start making moves to shift the paradigm for all Paraguayans.

“Without a doubt, after these months of work, we will be able to propose the paradigm shift that Kapital hopes to introduce in the Paraguayan market with much more confidence and authority.”

Maximiliano Britez

Founder, Kapital

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