Aligning two thought-leaders in the field to advance digital health

HPI·MSUSA & Germany2020
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The challenge

How can we join together a cutting-edge research institute and an internationally acclaimed healthcare system so that they can revolutionize digital health?

When the idea for HPI·MS was born, the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany brought expertise in digital engineering. Mount Sinai Health System, based in New York City, brought access to a wealth of health data and healthcare professionals. Both were global leaders in knowledge and research in their fields. So, how could they come together across the sea to make something even bigger?

That’s when we stepped in. First, these two superpowers needed to define their new brand in a way that showcased what both brought to the table in the digital health field. Then, they needed a platform that would make their projects and publications both visible to the public and accessible to the scientific community.

Together, we needed to make something that made everyone proud, so that HPI·MS could show the world how digital health is done.

“By working with the client and making them part of our team, we were able to gain the insight we needed and surpass our own expectations.”


Operations Manager

The solution

Creating a brand that represents both institutes and a platform for collaborating with an international community of researchers and students

Brand alignment

The first step of the process was aligning these two key players in their field, defining the “why” of their organization and how they wanted to present their partnership to the world. Excitingly, the brand was then unveiled at the HPI Mount Sinai Digital Health forum, where it got great feedback--a huge step in the right direction for the partnership.

“HPI has its own branding, Mount Sinai has its own branding, and to bring those two together and not lose the identities of one of them, I think that is a very difficult task to solve. I think you guys did a wonderful job with that.”


The Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Health at Mount Sinai

Website creation

Next came building a roadmap towards the creation of a website that showcased their new branding, while managing extensive content so that it would be accessible to the scientific community. A design sprint and iteration sprint allowed us to create a prototype validated by both institutions, to ensure everyone felt it represented them. In this phase Indi employed innovative design and development processes in tandem with each other, which provided the team flexibility and allowed the website to be created in half the time allotted.

This efficiency was made possible in part by the strategic use of wireframes: outlines of each page of the website to organize all the content before the final images went in.

The results

A consolidated brand partnership and a website that showcases the institute’s work, while allowing updates as the team continues growing and advancing.

From a logo that expertly combines and represents both organizations, to a platform that effectively manages data for worldwide access by healthcare professionals, students, and researchers, the HPI·MS website showcases the full power of this digital health icon. With its sleek, user-friendly design, HPI·MS can now feature their most important research endeavours and publications.

But it doesn’t stop there. Indicius introduced the team to an easy-to-use Content Management System, so that HPI·MS members across the globe can constantly update the platform to share their advancements.

HPI·MS just keeps on growing. Now their site can, too.

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