Elevating the experience for a PayPal partner in the fintech industry

NUBIBuenos Aires, Argentina2019
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The challenge

How can we improve the usability of an existent product in a frictionless way?

Nubi developed an alliance with PayPal in 2017, becoming the only platform in Argentina that lets you connect your bank account with the most important international payment system in the world.

Nubi was continuously growing, improving their response time, optimizing their operations and scaling to handle a huge volume of transactions. At the same time, their product interface was outdated, full of UX problems and visually unappealing.

The solution

Communicating and designing a more user-friendly product

Transforming the platform’s user interface and experience (UI/UX) would also mean an opportunity to change their communication and marketing website. There was a real need to, not only align the visual aspect of both channels, but also to communicate the added value of their new product and, thus, increase their user base.

New Marketing Website

The product was changing, so we had to re-think the way it was being communicated to users. We designed a new marketing site that was up to par with the major improvements we’d made in the updated version of the product. We also applied a modular structure, so that Nubi’s internal team had the flexibility to switch, add or remove different content blocks depending on their future needs.

Supporting communication with an Illustration System

To achieve a friendlier look & feel and enhance both the website and the web app from a storytelling perspective, we designed custom professional illustrations. We also developed an illustration system with the foundations needed to create new assets in the future.

The results

Making it easy for freelancers

The Nubi team gave us access to valuable user feedback and potential improvements, which allowed us to empathize with their users and provide solutions for the biggest pain points.

We redesigned the whole experience for Nubi, prioritizing the user's needs. We also created an onboarding process to ensure that existent users had a frictionless transition to the new version of the app and identified the added value from the getgo.

The result:An effortless transactional experience.

“It was like working with a friend. We understood each other very quickly, and their work's quality was excellent.”

Francisco Ferreiro

Nubi's Design Lead

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