Crafting a multi-stage website for Samsung’s most innovative meetup

SamsungSan Francisco, USA2020
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The challenge

How do you put on an event that both shapes and reflects the evolution of technology?

The Samsung Developer Conference is a meeting point for all kinds of talented tech leaders where they get together to learn about what's next in intelligent technology.

In this event, one of the main attractions is when Samsung reveals their new cutting edge products and services and having the possibility of meeting developers from all over the world to generate worldwide networks.

Scalability in three stages

Due to the fact that the event had three stages (pre conference, onsite and post conference) we had to create a scalable web with components and sections that could appear and disappear when needed, giving the attendants and potential attendees clear information about what was going on in real time.

The solution

A website that spoke to both developers and creators

Enhanced Content Strategy

We analyzed the event's previous site to identify issues regarding navigation structure and information architecture. A benchmark analysis was also carried out to understand how we needed to communicate with our target audience.

User Interface

Samsung is a consolidated brand and we needed to follow their brand guidelines when working on the design, while also allowing for a more innovative design to fully represent the nature of this international meetup. There was also additional design direction based on other communicational aspects of the conference that were being developed by AgencyEA, simultaneously.

The results

Giving attendants of the the Samsung Developer Conference a beautiful and engaging experience

We got to know our audience: on brand, on message and on the cutting edge — that’s what developers want.

Thanks to a joint effort carried out by the teams in Korea, US, Spain and Argentina we were able to test the site in multiple resolutions. This ensured that all the different versions of the site represented the design flawlessly.

The result: A meaningful event experience.

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