The new Indicius. A collaborative journey into ourselves

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The challenge

Ditching the pixels, becoming humans.

Indicius' website, 5 years after its creation, was still cool and functional, but as a company it wasn’t reflecting the internal journey we had recently done in reshaping our services, mission, manifesto & goals. It wasn’t showing the real us.

But just thinking about a website refresh was hard, because we also had some issues with our branding, which wasn’t allowing us to scale. For example, we had:

  • A logo dependent system, where if you didn't use the logo in a composition it felt like it didn't belong to Indicius
  • Too many limitations in the color palette
  • A dull and outdated font that wasn't helping us enhance the system
  • A Frankenstein of materials that didn't represent our brand consistently, which we had accumulated along the way

We made the decision, as a team, to rebrand Indicius, and together we began a collaborative adventure into ourselves to create a people-first brand.


The solution

A year-long collaborative in-house exploration

The first step was research, of course! 😅 We did everything we could to deeply understand who we were and what people thought about us. Interviewing clients and partners helped us rediscover our value proposition and gather important insight that later, combined with our vision and goals, was able to help us define the Indicius brand DNA and its tone of voice.

The ideation stage was about exploration, and yes we explored, a lot… A quick session of benchmarking and Lightning Demos of well-implemented branding was followed by many tests of typographies and color palettes.

We played with the logo until one day we found the perfect shape that represents the old and the new Indicius--a glorious day for the team.

When we were able to polish all the exploration into two paths, we showed it to the rest of the team and gathered the feedback we were looking for to close this brand out.

After many long conversations, we decided to launch the identity with a new website, so we took a big deep breath, embraced the new challenge and started designing.

The website stage was even more collaborative than the branding stage.

After creating a first version of the site content we invited ALL THE DESIGNERS ON THE TEAM, to create a Style Tile with the new branding and later, in a workshop, we voted on the best ideas.


Another important element of this stage was a research process that led to our consolidated brand content guidelines. This helped us find our voice so we could create the content for the website. Then, with a bag full of visual, interactive ideas and defined content, we started designing the website. The development, which was incredibly in sync with all the design stages, was also done in-house.

Before shipping everything out we tested the site with partners, friends and clients, and even though we felt like we couldn't wait anymore we implemented user feedback before the launch.

“What I loved about this project was that we did it 100% in-house. Everyone from the team had the chance to collaborate”

Salvador Fernández

Head of Design

The results

Rebranded for the long term

We learned the lesson that rebranding takes time. But it’s worth it: this hard look in the mirror helped us become more human and got us to the starting point of something bigger.

The system has unexplored adventures and we love to see how, not only designers, but also the commercial team and project managers are playing, discovering and creating new stuff.

So, this is just the beginning. We are ready to start designing a more human-centered world. Together.

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