Launching the simple payroll solution to the world with a sleek marketing website

  • Salsa
  • San Francisco, USA
  • 2023
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Development

The project

Positioned in an industry with various competitors who claim to offer the same perks, OG needed a fresh new brand identity to make them stand out as the best of the best

There’s no playbook when it comes to being an Operator–in other words, a CEO, COO, CFO, Strategist, Biz Ops, or Rev Ops. The only people who really understand these versatile, complex roles are operators themselves. That’s why Operators Guild (OG) was created: to build a community of world-class professionals who support and advise each other as they go along their career journey.

The challenge

How can we build a website that speaks to all of Salsa’s audiences at once, while showing their unique value proposition for each use case?

When we first began our work with Salsa, they had a simple landing page that briefly laid out some of the benefits and functionalities of the product, with the goal of funneling customers to the “Get a demo” button. While this worked for them in the early stages, it was clear that to reach their goal of becoming the #1 payroll solution for software companies across the US and Canada, they would need a more comprehensive site that addressed all of Salsa’s possible use cases.

Salsa mainly serves three types of companies–Vertical SaaS platforms, HR and time management apps, and EOR/staffing agencies. While their main offering of simple embedded payroll is the same for all three, the team knew that there was specific language and benefits that would most resonate with each audience.

On top of that, they wanted to ensure that developers–the people in these organizations who would actually be working with the products–could see that Salsa was created with their needs in mind.
And of course–We always wanted to maintain Salsa’s simple, minimalistic brand identity to avoid overloading users with information.

The solution

Building and expanding Salsa’s site to address all its potential audiences, convince users of its value, and express their new brand identity. Our process building the Salsa website included:

1. Sitemap & information hierarchy

By imagining potential user flows and benchmarking competitor websites, we and the Salsa team were able to settle on the top three use cases for companies who choose Salsa, allowing us to create a page for each that showcases specific features and benefits. We also included a dropdown of pages geared towards developers–The users that will actually interact with the product.

2. Content

Seeing as the payroll sphere uses specific technical language that we needed to nail in order to resonate with Salsa’s audiences, we worked closely with their team to brainstorm which features and benefits to highlight with each audience, while using our expertise on conversion copy to make them stand out.

3. Brand application & custom illustration

The Salsa site was designed to be minimalistic and modern to give a professional feel, just as was laid out in the brandbook. Custom illustrations accompanying each page alternated between simple, geometric illustrations to represent the concepts presented, and realistic UI screens that give a glimpse into what the product really looks like.

“The team supporting us was very large and the process was very structured.”

John Kramer

John Kramer

CEO at Salsa

The results

A clean, minimalistic website that makes Salsa stand out from competitors and properly represents their team’s innovation and professionalism

The end result of our work with Salsa was a polished new website that was not only up-to-par, but made Salsa stand out from competitors in the payroll space and expressed their differential, their new identity shining through. The final product came to life on the web in record time thanks to our partners at Polonio Agency, who developed the site using Webflow for maximum efficiency and easier future customization.

At Indicius, we know the power of great design in taking companies to the next level, and Salsa is no exception. Following the website launch, Salsa secured $10M in seed funding for their project. Salsa always had the team, the vision, and professionalism to boost their business–All they needed was a site just as professional and innovative to present themselves to the world.

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