How a long-term partnership keeps elevating an AI hiring tool

Arena AnalyticsBaltimore, USA2021-2022
Brand Narrative WorkshopVisual BrandingProduct DesignWebsite Design & DevelopmentMarketing Material Design

The Project

What began as an “express” rebranding for Arena Analytics became a 2-year long partnership, during which our team created elevated, cohesive branding to implement throughout the company. The outcome? A new website and aesthetic to implement across Arena’s branded materials, from product demos to marketing materials. The cherry on top? A deep understanding of our client’s business, mission, and values that helped us create the most brand-aligned designs possible.

The Challenge

How can we revamp Arena’s traditional look to match their revolutionary offering, applying it across the brand & products?

Arena’s SaaS offering is as cutting-edge as they come: Predictions generated by artificial intelligence that tell companies whether a candidate for a job will be retained if hired. Not only that—Arena’s algorithm also includes powerful bias mitigation technology. This means that companies that hire based on Arena’s predictions remove any sort of unconscious prejudice or bias from the hiring process, making for a more equitable job market. When they partened with us, Arena had a classic, traditional look that needed a refesh that truly reflected the way they’re transforming the labor market using AI.

From the start, we were excited to take on a project whose value’s aligned so closely with Indi’s. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t come without its challenges. Over our more than 2-year partnership, we identified 4 main challenges to elevating Arena’s digital brand:

The solution

Our project with Arena grew and evolved over our time working together, but throughout we worked on product, marketing, and website projects. Here’s an overview of the innovative solutions we worked on for each one.


1. Brand Narrative Workshop

First things first: Defining Arena’s new identity. Using our custom Brand Narrative Workshop, we were able to nail down the story that Arena wanted to tell the world. We created a Brand Messaging Guide based on this workshop that included voice and tone guidelines, language to resonate with Arena’s different audiences, and Voice of Customer research.

2. Visual Branding

In our branding workshop we defined Arena as the trailblazer of hiring tools, transforming the labor marketing by cutting uncertainty and bias out of the hiring process. This was reflected in Arena’s new Style Tile, which included an exciting new color palette and human-centered imagery that reflected Arena’s values. This formed the basis for a UI Library that kept on growing as we went along.